JCB type approval process

From April 3rd 2023, payment terminal providers submitting their products to JCB contactless terminal IC type approval shall use the latest ICS form relating to the updated test program.
To be accredited with JCB, payment solution providers must register to JCB testing program and obtain a registration number.

New interoperability tests for JCB type approval

The Japan-based payment system has recently released several documents to announce the addition of interoperability tests to be performed during the type approval sessions of contactless payment terminals submitted to JCB certification.
The purpose of interoperability tests is to ensure that contactless card readers have the capability to accept different types of cards, ie JCB contactless cards.

New test for MCL contactless card reader certification

Last December 2022, Mastercard has published a communique to announce the introduction of a new test required for MCL Level 2 certification.
The new test is mandatory as of April 1st 2023 and will be performed during MCL type approval. The purpose of this test is to ensure that the MCL kernel do not support an AID comparison that causes the rejection of cardholder devices.

American Express specifications sunset

To guarantee that the payment terminals certified to accept ExpressPay contactless payments meet the latest specification enhancements, American Express has recently released a document announcing the progressive sunset of the previous ExpressPay versions.
According to the document, the certification renewal of a terminal supporting ExpressPay version 4.0.2 will no longer be accepted as of October 31st 2023.

Expresspay 4.1

Alcineo contactless payment suite includes the latest version of American Express specification for contactless terminals : Expresspay 4.1.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you consider updating your products with Expresspay 4.1