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The challenges of embedded software project management

The development of embedded software is a crucial step in the overall payment terminal manufacturing process. Payment devices can only be deployed when they prove compliance with international payment and security standards. Hence the integration and approval of EMV payment software is at the core of terminal manufacturers' concerns.
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SoftPOS SDK certified with Pure specifications

Alcineo is proud to announce the certification of their SoftPOS SDK with Pure payment specifications. The implementation of Pure functional library in our SoftPOS SDK allows payment solution providers to reach emerging payment markets relying on a technology compliant with international payment standards.
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What’s new with DPAS Connect 2.0 ?

DPAS Connect brings new capabilities, beyond payment, growing the scope of services to events, transports, loyalty and more. It allows merchants to strengthen their loyalty program and consumer engagement thanks to the new Data Storage feature.
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CPACE – new standard for contactless payments in Europe

The new CPACE standard was created by the ECPC to facilitate contactless payments in Europe. The CPACE ( Common Payment Application Contactless Extension) specifications were built on the EMVCo CPA standard for contact transactions, and was extended for contactless and remote payments.
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How to optimize payment terminal life cycle ?

There are many stages in a payment terminal life cycle, and payment solution providers must define their strategy at the earliest stage. Make the right decisions at the right time.
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Kardia payment at the core of EMV technology

EMV technology is the international standard for secure payment systems and is present in most payment terminals where consumers use their chip & PIN cards or e-wallets to pay for goods or services. Payment terminal providers ought to integrate EMV® compliant payment systems and submit their products to the approval of EMVCo and payment schemes to be officially recognized. They must undergo several certifications at many steps of the device development
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Our values

We do believe innovation, humanism and commitment lead to state of the art solution by mixing dream and reality. Through our mutual aid and sharing spirit, we give the team the capability to remain at the core of customers’ expectations and go straightforward to their fulfilment.

To create the future of smart payment by providing state of the art software suite solution

To put our skills at the service of customers to help them deploy with cost and time effectiveness

To give advice and share our vision at the earliest stage of payment projects

To stay at the forefront of EMV® and PCI SSC technological advances

Our Missions

We are involved for more than a decade in the development of EMV® technology and security for innovative and best-in-class payment solutions. 

Our teams of highly qualified collaborators are involved in the customer project from the start. 

We support our customers throughout their projects’ life-cycle. 

We aim at helping them build reliable and secure products, fast-track certification lead-time and meet the next technological challenges.

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