Updated documents for certification of JCB 1.6 contactless

Release of updated documents for the certification of contactless payment terminals with JCB 1.6 contactless specification

The payment scheme has released an update of several documents necessary to perform the certification of contactless payment terminals, to be in line with the application of the latest specification bulletins  

They were released in March 2023 in the Terminal Type Approval Notification No 30 

update JCB TA process

The following features must be implemented to all new JCB contactless kernels : 

At the end of December 2023, JCB Corporation has released a new Terminal Type Approval Notification N°35 including the necessary documentation to enable terminal providers to implement these features accordingly and to submit their payment terminals to JCB type approvals: 

Starting April 1st 2024, these bulletins shall be implemented to all new payment products submitted to JCB 1.6 contactless type approval, and terminal vendors shall submit them using the updated documents version 1.6c, as listed above 

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