American Express specifications sunset

To guarantee that the payment terminals certified to accept ExpressPay contactless payments meet the latest specification enhancements, American Express has recently released a document announcing the progressive sunset of the previous ExpressPay versions.
According to the document, the certification renewal of a terminal supporting ExpressPay version 4.0.2 will no longer be accepted as of October 31st 2023.

Expresspay 4.1

Alcineo contactless payment suite includes the latest version of American Express specification for contactless terminals : Expresspay 4.1.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you consider updating your products with Expresspay 4.1

Level 2 contactless kernel implementation :  MCL integrating EMV bulletin 261

The MCL kernel developed by Alcineo now integrates the EMV bulletin 261 optional implementations rules. Although the bulletin is effective since January 2022, the implementation is optional according the latest test plan edited by Mastercard.
Our team chose to integrate the bulletin to our Ma-Kardia kernel, so our customers can integrate the solution to their terminals supporting Mastercard contactless transactions.

EMV technology priorities

Few days ago EMVCo reported the EMV technology priorities, reflecting the trends of the payment landscape in 2022.

EMVCo focuses on Chip & PIN card technology and payment interoperability, and constantly evolve specifications in parallel to new technologies’ adoption.

DPAS Connect features

DPAS connect is the new specification from Discover Network designed to cover contact, contactless and mobile wallet transactions. It comes with a range of new features and capabilities to improve user experience and facilitate multi-channel payment acceptance.