Alcinéo's kernel for Mastercard MCL acceptance on SoftPOS successfully renewed

Alcinéo has successfully achieved the renewal of their kernel for the acceptance of Mastercard MCL on tap on phone / SoftPOS solutions.

Our functional contactless kernel Mastercard MCL developed for SoftPOS, has successfully passed the official testing sessions for a 3-years’ extension of validity. This certification enables integrators to build on a reliable SDK to develop and certify MTIP application for Mastercard acceptance. 

Embedded payment software must be regularly validated, to confirm that the overall tap on phone solution still complies with the most up-to-date payment and security standards. 

Alcinéo’s embedded payment suite developed for tap on phone acceptance is fully accredited by international payment schemes, enabling our customers to stay focused on their product integration and accelerate their time to market. 

softpos SDK MCL Mastercard certified

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