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A modular and unique approach

From EMV contactless payments to digital PIN and hosted services, Alcinéo SoftPOS SDK offers functionalities our customers deserve. 

Alcinéo’s SoftPOS solution relies on Android, uses enhanced functionalities and security of native code.

It’s based on Alcinéo’s own IP which follows the latest security and payment schemes standards. 

Accelerate your SoftPOS project

Deliver a creative and flexible experience

As Alcinéo’s SDK was designed to facilitate the integration of softpos features into existing systems of our customers, the solution adapts easily to the different needs of all actors in the payment ecosystem.  

POS providers

Increase offering with a fully customizable solution 

Reduce manufacturing costs and product development time

Payment service providers

Eliminate Level 2 certifications  hurdles 

Omnichannelconnect to your chosen acquiring partners


Dedicated APK to embed certified libraries and security features  

No adherence to a particular device – Offer reliable white label products 

Acquirer / gateway

Payment – Security – Monitoringpick the modules to scale your solution according your needs  

Monitor all devices using a single interface


Accelerate your time to market with…

A set of accredited software and libraries

Dedicated tools to define and charge the EMV parameters

Attestation, monitoring policy and obfuscation

Source code examples and comprehensive SDK documentation


Grow the way with…

Multi languages support

The most enhanced kernel suite on the market

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UPI, Pure, CPACE, eftpos

Integration of the specific configurations of domestic payment schemes

PCI MPOC compliancy


Streamline the operations with…

A solution that works with any Android platforms

Convenient user interface dashboard

Host to host connections

Regular updates

Cutting-edge SoftPOS technology that follows the latest accreditation standards

Alcinéo SoftPOS SDK is already accredited with...

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