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Coppernic has announced that they have integrated the Alcineo SoftPOS payment solution into their rugged handheld device ticketing offering for Public Transportation markets. Coppernic is a market leader for handheld ticket inspection devices in France, with installations in 80% of French cities with more than 100K inhabitants. Alcineo is a specialist in the development of EMV payment kernels, contact and contactless and logical security modules. They partner with payment solution providers in a number of market applications, including transit.


SoftPOS, for software Point-of-Sales, is an innovative technology allowing to turn any Android smartphone into contactless card reader, using the NFC capability of the device. Any merchant can then accept contactless transactions on his smartphone without any additional hardware.

Card schemes

Few days ago EMVCo reported the EMV technology priorities, reflecting the trends of the payment landscape in 2022. EMVCo focuses on Chip & PIN card technology and payment interoperability, and constantly evolve specifications in parallel to new technologies’ adoption.


Based on EMV® technology, open-loop payment has revolutionized transit fare systems. It is now widely implemented in many public transport networks, enabling commuters to use their payment card to validate their journey. Take our short quiz, measure your level of knowledge and discover if you are an expert in transit payment.


Take a minute to watch our informative videos around payment, security or SoftPOS. Visit our Youtube channel to watch previous videos. 

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