What is SoftPOS ?

SoftPOS is the new accessible payment method that simplifies contactless card acceptance.

It is also mentioned as tap to phone, tap on phone or tap to pay, depending on the deployment markets, but it all refers to the same technology.

SoftPOS enables merchants to accept contactless payments easily and securely on their smartphone.  

In-store payments gain in fluidity, simplicity and convenience.     

SoftPOS - tap to phone - tap on phone

How does it work ?

Commercial off-the-shelf smartphones or tablets are turned into mobile point-of-sales. With the simple download of an application, businesses can instantly start to accept contactless payment easily and securely.

The tap to phone technology uses the NFC capability of the mobile device to process contactless transactions initiated with the smartcard or digital wallet held by the consumer.

Benefits of SoftPOS

Extend payment offering with an affordable and convenient solution

Adapt to all types of businesses, in-store, itinerants, self-employed

Seamlessly integrate existing payment applications

Single payment application for all payment devices

Use SoftPOS to fit all payment industry needs

The deployment of SoftPOS / tap to phone solutions facilitate the integration of value-added services for merchants and consumers, in many areas of the payment industry. 

In retail shops

Q boost with softpos solution

Streamline queues and improve the purshasing experience

At table

SoftPOS solution for hospitality

Multiply payment options and combine contactless payments and digital vouchers

In transports

Transit payment and softpos

Maximise fare revenue in the transportation sector

Domestic networks

domestic payment systems

Address domestic markets where digital payments are extending fast

For charity

donate on smartphone

Facilitate donation through extended payment acceptance means 

At events


Create a seamless customer experience by accepting digital payment throughout the event

Alcinéo’s SDK offers flexible options to simplify the customization of your tap to phone solution, regardless your targeted markets.

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Photos and vectors credits : Vecteezy.com