Alcinéo SoftPOS SDK now enabled for fare collection

Alcinéo has received LoC from Visa for the implementation of VRTPKS 1.2 into our SoftPOS SDK. The latest version of the tap to phone specification from Visa introduces options to convert SoftPOS for fare collection.

The integration of tap to phone solutions for fare collection and inspection in the public transport networks offers many advantages for public transport authorities and operators :

–             diversify the points of payment in their systems to burst queues and limit traffic congestion at peak hours

–             add more flexibility to travelers to pay for their rides using their favorite payment method seamlessly

–             facilitate the work of agents in charge of controlling fares with one single device also supporting penalty fare.

Alcineo softpos SDK certified with Visa VRTPKS 1.2

The latest version of Visa’s tap to phone kernel introduced the capability to configure SoftPOS solution to operate in a transit payment environment.

Alcinéo SoftPOS SDK has been certified with the VRTPKS version 1.2, implementing the specific features for fare acceptance .

For more information about the functionalities included in the VRTPKS kernel read our prior article :

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