Level 2 contactless kernel implementation : MCL integrating EMV bulletin 261

The MCL kernel developed by Alcineo now integrates the EMV bulletin 261 optional implementations rules.

Although the bulletin is effective since January 2022, the implementation is optional according the latest test plan edited by Mastercard.

Our team chose to integrate the bulletin to our Ma-Kardia kernel, so our customers can integrate the solution to their terminals supporting Mastercard contactless transactions.

As a result, the following functionalities have been removed :

Torn transaction recovery

Offline balance reading

STOP signal

And replaced with Data Exchange and IDS/SDS Data Storage implementation option.

It has to be noted that since the issuance of this bulletin, the ICS form has changed.

To submit your product to MCL type approval, you must now use the registration form for reader testing, describing the implementation of Level 2 MCL kernel and the configuration of the device.

Feel free to contact us for more information : contact@alcineo.com

More information about MCL 3.1.4 kernel -> HERE