All about national payment networks

Unlike international payment schemes, domestic payment networks process electronic transactions within a national territory. The advantages for payment solution providers offering payment terminals that support both international payments and domestic payment networks is that they benefit an extended deployment market.

Test automation during payment terminal certification

What are the benefits of test automation during payment terminal certification ?
Test automation consists in implementing an automatic communication interface between a device under test and a test tool, to check the behavior of a software with minimal human intervention. Major payment schemes such as Visa and Mastercard have published guidelines allowing payment terminal providers to build a communication interface compliant with the test automation requirements.

Tokenization for card data protection in transit payment systems

Focus on tokenisation in transit environment.
Indeed, the transformation of the card data in Card Number Alias or token enables to connect a card number to an individual card holder or an event.
This transformation is performed by cryptography computation.
The computation will always generate the same token for the same card if the same algorithm is used. This algorithm is a one way function, so, there’s no possibility to translate from a token to a card number.

Kardia payment at the core of EMV technology

EMV technology is the international standard for secure payment systems and is present in most payment terminals where consumers use their chip & PIN cards or e-wallets to pay for goods or services.
Payment terminal providers ought to integrate EMV® compliant payment systems and submit their products to the approval of EMVCo and payment schemes to be officially recognized. They must undergo several certifications at many steps of the device development