EMV® Contact level 2 test cases updates

EMVCo has recently released Type Approval Bulletins announcing test cases updates for the EMV® Level 2 Contact Terminal Type Approval.

These new test cases will be applicable as of January 1st 2024 to all new payment terminals submitted to EMV Contact Level 2 certification, version 4.4a. 

The TTA bulletin 267 describes update to test settings regarding Expiration Dates. This modification is related to the SB 272 (update to Date Management Requirement).  

The TTA bulletin 269 describes the test settings update related to SB 276 (Clarification regarding Unpredictable Number in CDA signature verification).   

The EMV Level 2 contact kernel developed by Alcinéo is continuously adapted to comply with the latest specification updates.  The Specification Bulletins 276 and 272 mentioned above have already been implemented and are ready to be delivered to our customers in early January 2024. This will enable them to rapidly start their EMV Level 2 certification process with a best in class and reliable solution.    

EMV level 2 update

For more information about EMV technology, refer to our dedicated page : EMV Level 2 kernels

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