EMV Contact Level 2 documents updated

Updated documentation for EMV Contact Level 2 terminal certification

Further to the introduction last December of new type approval bulletins related to EMV Contact Level 2 specification version 4.4, EMVCo has released an update of the test plan and a new ICS, version 4.4 b.  

The new test plan and ICS include TTA bulletin 267 (date management) and TTA bulletin 269 (Unpredictable Number in CDA signature verification).  

Payment terminal providers can submit their contact card readers to EMV contact level 2 certification using the updated ICS 4.4b, as of January 1st 2024. They can also benefit from a grace period until the 28th February 2024 to submit their devices to type approval with reference to the test plan version 4.4 a.  

As of March 1st, new card readers shall be submitted to Level 2 type approval using the ICS 4.4b.   

Illustration for payment updates

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