News release : Alcineo deploys Verimatrix threat defense technology

Verimatrix Code Shield implementation assists Alcineo in achieving major payment card
Verimatrix, (Euronext Paris:
VMX), the leader in powering the modern connected world with people-centered security, today
announced its Verimatrix Code Shield was deployed by La Ciotat, France-based Alcineo to protect its bestin-class SoftPOS solutions that are used by banks and payment solutions providers to offer Tap on Phone payments from any contactless card or mobile wallet.

SoftPOS integration into Mobile Ticket Inspection Solution

Coppernic has announced that they have integrated the Alcineo SoftPOS payment solution into their rugged handheld device ticketing offering for Public Transportation markets. Coppernic is a market leader for handheld ticket inspection devices in France, with installations in 80% of French cities with more than 100K inhabitants. Alcineo is a specialist in the development of EMV payment kernels, contact and contactless and logical security modules. They partner with payment solution providers in a number of market applications, including transit.


Payment terminal providers must comply with PCI PTS requirements to deploy their products. But with many configurations possible, it can be cumbersome to define the most efficient security features., The PCI SSC released a FAQ, to provide guidance and best practices.

Tokenization for card data protection in transit payment systems

Focus on tokenisation in transit environment.
Indeed, the transformation of the card data in Card Number Alias or token enables to connect a card number to an individual card holder or an event.
This transformation is performed by cryptography computation.
The computation will always generate the same token for the same card if the same algorithm is used. This algorithm is a one way function, so, there’s no possibility to translate from a token to a card number.