New year, new versions !

International payment and security standards release specifications and test plans for payment terminal certification.

Payment specifications and test plans evolve over time to increase interoperability, performance and security of smartcard transactions.

Payment terminals must comply with EMV® technology and the latest payment schemes requirements to be deployed and maintained in the field.

Most of these updates become mandatory at the beginning of the year. 

Here is the list of specification updates that are applicable during type approvals since the 1st January 2022.  

EMV Terminal Type Approval update : 4.3 K

EMVCo has released udapted documentation necessary to the certification of payment terminal against Contact Specification 4.3.

The Level 2 Contact 4.3k documents are applicable as of January 1st 2022.


Since January 1st 2022,  payment devices submitted to EMV level 1 terminal type approval must comply with 3.1a testing requirements.


Visa Approval Services have released an update of the test plan for their contactless specification for contactless payment terminals : VCPS 2.2c.


Mastercard modifies implementation options in MCL contactless kernel.

The changes apply since January 1st 2022.


DPAS Connect 2.0 is the major evolution of Discover DPAS contactless payment application. 



contactless payments with CPACE

Our core mission at Alcineo is to provide the latest payment software to our customers and support them during the certification of their payment acceptance devices.

For that we ensure that our deliveries are always up-to-date, and we inform our valued partners and customers when new versions are available or mandatory.

Stay tuned !

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