Alcinéo payment solutions in video

Alcinéo presents its payment solutions and services in video

One SoftPOS SDK for many possibilities

Build your customized SoftPOS payment solution from only one SDK !

➡ Integrate Nexo Fast to link your payment solution to a powerful acquiring system 🏦

➡ Extend digital fare systems in the public transport network 🚇

➡ Reach new markets with domestic payment solutions 🏡

➡ Build custom solution for your targeted markets 🛠

SoftPOS paves the way to urban mobility

SoftPOS enables any merchant to accept contactless payments through their smartphone or tablet. This video presents the use cases of SoftPOS in the urban mobility landscape, enhancing the riders routines and bringing more flexibility to public transport operators in collecting and controlling fares.


Manage payment terminal life cycle through the maintenance of embedded software

How do you control the life cycle strategy of your payment terminals ? One of our tips is to manage the maintenance of embedded payment software to improve the overall life time of your devices through evolutive and corrective approach.

Alcineo presenting SoftPOS in transit

SoftPOS technology enables contactless payment acceptance on smartphones and tablets. It can easily be deployed in the public transport sector to facilitate fare revenue.

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