PCI PTS update v6.0

What are the main changes in this update ?

PCI security council has officially released in June a new version of the PCI PTS POI requirements v6.0.

The documents associated to this new release are available on the PCI security standards council website.

Many of the changes introduced in this update reflect the ongoing evolution of payment technologies. It provides guidances for payment solution providers to integrate the physical and logical security adapted to these new types of device, reducing the risk of attacks of cardholder account data.

Changes include :

  • transferring to accredited laboratories the elaboration of Vendor Questionnaires

  • adding new guidances to take into account the evolution of payment technology and products

  • restructuring evaluation modules according the flexible design of products

  • limiting firmware approval validity to 3 years to constantly adapt the software protection level to ever-changing threats

Vendors can choose to submit their products to PCI PTS evaluation, following the requirements of either v5.1 or v6 until June 2021, when only v6 will be accepted.

Learn more about evaluation processes and rules in the PTS Program Guide.

Feel free to contact us to design your PCI PTS logical solution, using our modular approach : info@alcineo.com 

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