News release : Alcinéo and Afsol enter into strategic partnership to integrate NEXO standard with SoftPOS technology

Afsol Alcineo strategic partnership for Nexo

The two French companies want to combine their expertise in payments and transactional flows to offer payment players a SoftPOS solution integrating Nexo standard. Nexo, which complies with the ISO 20022 standard and was originally pushed by major retailers, is increasingly used worldwide, especially in Europe and North America.

This standardization allows all these players, customers and service providers, to make a significant economy of scale thanks to the common processing of all cross-border payment flows.

This widespread adoption paves the way for the standardization of acquisition protocols, facilitating the digitization of payment.

The richness of the protocol also makes it possible to offer additional services, drivers of accelerated deployment.

The integration of the Nexo protocol into Alcinéo’s SoftPOS solution gives a new dimension to the SDK provided by the La Ciotat-based company. Now, thanks to the software developed by Afsol, the combined solution allows access to a Nexo Fast payment application, a protocol layer to manage authorization and compensation messages and a Terminal Management System that ensures optimal  management of SoftPOS applications deployed in the field.

This partnership opens a new path to the deployment of Alcinéo’s SoftPOS SDK, which now integrates security, certified payment kernels, application and protocol layer. On the Afsol side, this partnership offers its customers and partners the possibility to choose all or part of its NEXO modular platform that covers the entire acceptance and acquisition chain in an agnostic way.

“The partnership with Alcinéo allows us to win new customers through a well-targeted joint offer and thus reinforces our historical leadership throughout the NEXO acceptance and acquisition chain,” said AFSOL President Mohamed El Yakhlifi.

Arnaud Corria, President of Alcinéo adds, “This joint offer will allow a rapid and global integration of a SoftPOS solution. It also eliminates the constraints of acceptance flows.”

About Afsol

Afsol is a payment software publisher known within major French banks and PSPs, such as CREDIT AGRICOLE PAYMENT SERVICES, CREDIT MUTUEL and MONEXT, for its solutions for acquiring and managing payment flows of any origin (POS, e-Commerce, checks, …). For more than fifteen years, AFSOL has cultivated a leading position, particularly in protocol conversion, terminal management, unbundling and NEXO standard. AFSOL also offers WALLET payment solutions and payment account management solutions. In 2021, AFSOL’s solutions served more than 700,000 merchants and processed more than 150 million NEXO flows and more than 4 billion transactions.


About Alcinéo

Since its creation in 2007, Alcinéo has focused its expertise on the development of embedded software to integrate payment and logical security solutions certified by  domestic or international payment schemes and the PCI Security Standards Council.

Alcinéo’s  mission is to provide scalable, reliable and secure  payment solutions. Its know-how enables players in the payments industry  to face the multiple challenges when designing new generations of payment systems.

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