Do you still wonder what SoftPOS is ?

In case you haven't already heard or read about what SoftPOS is, the few lines below are a condensed overview of our prior communications around this subject.

The generic SDK for SoftPOS developed by Alcineo enables the integration of international and national payment schemes. Hence payment solution providers can offer adapted softPOS solutions to their customers around the globe, from one single and comprehensive tool box.

Since our first demonstration of embedded micro-kernel allowing to perform a payment transaction on a smartphone (turned into POS) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2016, Alcineo softPOS SDK has been certified with major card schemes, Visa, Mastercard and American Express, for international contactless payment.

The solution also complies with the digital security rules edited by the major payment schemes, delivering the required level of protection of sensitive data during tap to phone transactions.

The solution has also been certified with Pure payment specifications, the white label application of Thales Group. Pure is widely used by national payment networks to process domestic payment transactions.

Additionaly, the generic SDK by Alcineo enables to integrate any national or regional payment applications, such as CPACE for European countries.

The press release is also available HERE 

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